Monday, 30 November 2009

Aristotelian Society and Mind Association : Call for Papers for the 2010 Conference

The call for papers reads as following :



The Joint Session is the annual conference of The Aristotelian Society held in conjunction with The Mind Association. It is the largest and primary conference for philosophers in the UK. There is a wide subject base and international speaker profile.


A number of parallel sessions on Saturday and Sunday afternoons will be available for the presentation of papers not previously published. There will be a considerable number of these sessions available, allowing room for many submissions to be included. The intention is to accommodate all philosophical material suitable for presentation to a professional audience, so far as time and space in the programme allow, and not to operate a selective policy.

Each presentation should last no more than 20 minutes, so that a further 10-15 minutes may be allowed for discussion. Presented papers should aim to introduce material involving recent research. There are no restrictions on the areas of philosophy which papers may address. Philosophers whose papers are included in this part of the programme must be or become subscribing members of one of the organising societies.

Those wishing to make a presentation should submit by e-mail attachment a copy of their paper (no more than 2000 words), together with a 250-word abstract, to by 1st February 2010. Decisions on whether papers have been accepted will be made by the end of March 2010. Authors wishing for an earlier response should submit papers as early as possible.

Papers accepted for the Open Sessions will not be published in the Supplementary Volume of the Aristotelian Society (unlike papers invited for the plenary programme of the conference); and expenses will not be paid.


Two parallel sessions on the Saturday afternoon will be devoted to short presentations by graduate students (or those who have recently obtained a postgraduate degree). Each student should speak for 20 minutes, allowing 10 minutes for discussion.

Students wishing to participate should send their paper, preferably by attachment in Word 98 or higher, otherwise in two hard copies, by 1st February 2010 to: The Executive Secretary, The Aristotelian Society, Room 281, Stewart House, Russell Square, London WC1B 5DN. Email:

The paper should be about 2000 words but no more than 2500 words, including notes and bibliography, and should begin with a brief abstract. It should be typewritten in 12-point text, single-spaced throughout (i.e. including references and quotations), on one side of white A4 paper. All pages should be numbered and have margins of 1 inch or more. Papers containing symbols liable to distortion in transmission should be submitted as hard copies; otherwise electronic copy is welcome.

Please ensure that there are no self-identifying references in the text. Submissions should be accompanied by a separate page containing the title of the paper, the name of the author, institution and status, and email and postal addresses.

Authors are advised to consult supervisors about what may be suitable for presentation to a largely professional audience. Given the tight word-limit, they are advised to give as much space as they can to the statement of their own ideas.

The papers will be sent to referees, and a maximum of eight will be selected for presentation at the Joint Session. The programme will be settled in May 2010.

The selected authors will have their conference fee and accommodation expenses (but not their travel costs) paid by the Mind Association and the Aristotelian Society.

Some papers may subsequently be considered for publication in the Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society.

Nobody should submit a paper for both the Postgraduate and the Open Sessions, and only one paper may be submitted per individual. However, graduate students whose submission for the Postgraduate Sessions is unsuccessful may subsequently be advised that their paper has been accepted for the Open Sessions. Conference costs will not be paid by the organisers.


Inaugural Address – Anthony Duff


Rowland Stout and Mitch Green

Robert Audi and Jonathan Dancy

Miranda Fricker and Michael Brady

Dean Zimmerman and Penelope Mackie

Tim Maudlin and Cian Dorr

Peter Simons and Fraser McBride

For information about the Aristotelian Society & the Joint Session see:

Phil Joyce
Executive Administrator
The Aristotelian Society
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7862 8685

The Aristotelian Society is a charity registered in the UK. Registered address: Room 281, Stewart House, Russell Square, London, WC1B 5DN. Reg charity no. 254021."

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Studia Logica : Call for Papers about Trends in Philosophy of Mathematics

It reads as following :

"Call for Papers

Special Issue of Studia Logica on the Philosophy of Mathematics

Guest editors: André Fuhrmann, Ivan Kasa and Manfred Kupffer

For a special issue of Studia Logica, we invite papers that contribute to and try to advance current debates in the Philosophy of Mathematics. Accepted papers will be published together with selected proceedings from this year's conference Trends in the Philosophy of Mathematics, which has taken place in Frankfurt, Sep.1-4, 2009. Authors are invited to submit an anonymized paper, including an abstract, and a separate title-page including name, affiliation, title of the paper, and contact information. Submissions should be in PDF format. Please submit your paper no later than December 1st, 2009 by email to

André Fuhrmann
Ivan Kasa
Manfred Kupffer

Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main"

However, the deadline for the special issue of Studia Logica has been moved to January 15th,2010.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Marc Jeannerod en librairie

Le bal des ardents, une librairie lyonnaise, organise le 2/12/2009 une rencontre avec Marc Jeannerod,spécialiste en sciences cognitives, à l'occasion de la sortie de son dernier opus : Le Cerveau volontaire, aux éditions Odile Jacob. Plus de précisions sur le site du bal des ardents.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Bad News for Kant's Aesthetic

At the Catholic University of Louvain, 28-30 April, will take place a workshop about Aesthetic (title : "L'art en valeurs")

Since Florian Cova and myself are working on objectivism in Aesthetic, we have submitted our work for the workshop. And it has been accepted ! Here is the summary of our work : Le sens commun peut-il fonder l'objectivisme esthétique ?