Friday, 4 March 2011

CALL FOR PAPERS: From Practice to Results in Logic and Mathematics

Philosophia Scientiae invites contributions for the following special topic: From Practice to Results in Logic and Mathematics. Thematic issue of Philosophia Scientiae 16/1 (February 2012)

Guest editors: Valeria Giardino, Amirouche Moktefi, Sandra Mols, and Jean Paul Van Bendegem

Submission Deadline: March 20, 2011 (extended deadline)
Acceptance Notification: June 1st, 2011

The PratiScienS research group, in collaboration with Prof. Jean Paul Van Bendegem, invites the submission of articles for a thematic issue of the journal Philosophia Scientiae dedicated to the role of practices in the establishment of results in logic and mathematics.

We look for papers on how the concrete practices of mathematicians and logicians may influence the results of their enquiries and, more broadly, the definition of what counts as proof. We are also interested in papers proposing a methodological reflection on the difficulties that a critical analysis of such practices in logic and mathematics implies, and on issues related to the development of the appropriate exploratory conceptual tools. Case studies are welcome, though authors should make explicit what they consider as practices and how their papers are related to the practice-focused theme of this issue of Philosophia Scientiae.

We are also strongly interested in papers linking the issue’s theme with that at the core of PratiScienS, that is, the issue of practices in their relations with the construction and validation of scientific knowledge. Therefore, we are also looking for this special issue for papers discussing practices and results in logic and mathematics in relation with PratiScienS’s main research topics: the "Wimsatt-like" concept of robustness, the role of tacit aspects, and the contingency vs. inevitability issue, as in the case of mathematics and logic.

Manuscripts should be submitted in English or French, and prepared for anonymous peer review. Abstracts in French and English (200-300 words) should be included.

Guidelines for authors are to be found on the journal’s website.

Papers should be sent by e-mail to Valeria Giardino:

For more information on the PratiScienS group, its research themes and its activities, please visit its website.