Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Topoï : Epistemology of Mathematics

The next volume of Topoï has several articles about the epistemology of Mathematics : innateness of mathematical concepts, intuition of mathematical objects, mathematical knowledge. Worth reading for all interested in Philosophy of Mathematics and mathematical cognition !

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Epistemological Argument against Mathematical Platonism

I found a few weeks ago this call for proposals :

"Call for Proposals:
Just the Arguments: 100 of the Most Important Arguments in Western Philosophy

Wiley-Blackwell is pleased to announce a call for proposals for Just the Arguments: 100 of the Most Important Arguments in Western Philosophy, edited by Michael Bruce and Steven Barbone. The completed text will be a survey and presentation of 100 of the most important arguments in Western philosophy, wherein experts will write brief encyclopedia-like entries presenting arguments in their essence, including a representative quotation, explication of the context and aim of the argument, and the argument’s logical form. "

An philosophical encyclopedia like this one is a very interesting manual for students, amateurs and professional in Philosophy. I am willing to answer this call. Here is my contribution. Any comments are welcome.

A description of the call for proposal can be found here.