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Introduction to Inquiries

Welcome to Inquiries concerning Logic, Philosophy and other Matters. It may be your first visit here and you may need some notes about what you will find here. Please, let me be your guide (though I am not Virgil and this is not the Inferno...).

Linguistic policy

As you may have noticed, almost every post is bilingual: French and (British) English. French is my mother tongue, so you may find some faults, some clumsy expressions... when I am writing in English. Please do not hesitate to tell me when I am wrong (without being rude, if possible).

Why am I using two tongues? The answer is simple: English speakers do not know very well French Philosophy and Science and French speakers too often ignore the works of English speakers. My goal is to give an introduction to French-speaking activities to English speakers and an introduction to English-speaking activities to French speakers.

You may use the one you are more familiar with.

Topics and tags

* Topics
You will find here a lot of posts about Logic, Mathematics and, Philosophy. As I am interested in a lot of things, you may find also some posts about other matters (religion, ethic, finance, politics...). For those interested in Arts, I suggest you have a look at Inquiries concerning Arts.

* Tags
At the present time, there are 7 tags.

In the mood for..., Logic, Other Subjects, Philosophy are the basis of the weblog.

Games: well, I do like logical and mathematical games. You might like it too!

Videos: I post a lot of (very good...) videos in this weblog.

Besides the regular posts I do extra features. "French Thought" is one of them (actually the first). To put it in a nutshell, I analyze with more details an issue. "French Thought", for example, will be constituted by a discussion of the following books: Impostures intellectuelles, Beyond the Hoax (Sokal), Prodiges et vertiges de l'analogie, Rationalité et cynisme (Bouveresse), Écriture et différence (Derrida), Être et événement I and II (Badiou), Whose Science? Whose knowledge? (Sandra Harding)... and many others. When all is prepared I publish the result of my works with the hope that you might appreciate it and will discuss the issue at stake. Others extra features are planned, but I will warn you in time.

Comments Policy

* Discussion:
You are most welcome to leave a comment or express your disagreement or your agreement with an explanation (why are you holding this statement true or convincing?).

* Civility of gentle women and gentle men:
Civil tone, respect of the other, intellectual commitment, are the basis of this weblog. Disagreements can happen but cannot justify any incivility.

* Moderation policy:
Because of the functionalities of Blogger, I have the power to moderate and delete the comment I want. I will not hesitate to exercise this power if some comments are willingly disrespectful, insulting, or are obviously damaging the civil atmophere.

I have never used this power and I hope I will not. But those who intend to go against those rules are warned.

And you?

Every reader or commenter is invited to introduce himself in this page. It will be nice and thoughtful to give a link to your personal page or your weblog, if you have one.


This weblog is more about ideas, concepts, actions than people. But if you want a rough idea of what I am doing and who I am, I can give you some hints.

I studied Philosophy and French contemporary Literature in Lyon, Paris-Sorbonne and Warwick University (UK).

My main academic interests are: Mathematical Logic, Philosophy of Logic, Cognitive-Sciences, Epistemology...

I am a married man and the father of two beautiful daughters: Esther (2006) and Alma (2008).

This weblog is linked to other pages I created:
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And Julien Dutant kindly invite me to write in his excellent French speaking weblog: Philotropes.

I wish you a good time in my webpages.

Please be aware that many pages will be protected by a Creative Commons contract.

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