Friday, 8 August 2008

The First Person, by Saul Kripke

I invite you to watch a lecture by Saul Kripke about the First Person.

Vous trouverez ici une conférence de Saul Kripke sur la "première personne".

The Ph.D/MA Program in Philosophy at the City University of New York Graduate Center hosted a two days celebration of the work of Distinguished Professor Saul Kripke, on the occasion of his sixty fifth birthday, on January 25-26, 2006.

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Anonymous said...

Hello. As it is is, I haven't watched the video, but I would very much like to. I've read a considerable amount about 'The First Person', and was especially impressed by the accounts go Kripke's exploration of the metaphysical entities generated and/or implicated in the use of the referential term 'I'.I've been trying to dowload the video of the lecture on several sites, nut to no avail yet.