Thursday, 26 February 2009

Research in Emotion

Colloque internationale - Concevoir les émotions : Perspectives scientifiques et philosophiques (affiche). Lundi 9 mars 2009.

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Research in Emotion: Past and Future Transdisciplinary perspectives on explaining emotions (poster). Monday March, 9th, 2009.

Where? At The University of Chicago Center in Paris (6, rue Thomas Mann, 75013 Paris).

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9h30 Welcome address by Jacques Dubucs, Director of IHPST and Françoise Meltzer, Director of the University of Chicago Center in Paris

Introduction by Claudia Wassmann

9h40 Ahmad Hariri (University of Pittsburgh) : “The Neurobiology of Individual Differences in Complex Emotional Traits”

10h40 Coffee Break

11h00 Jean Decety (University of Chicago) : “The benefits and the costs of empathy: the price of being human”

12h00 Joelle Proust (ENS, CNRS, Paris) : “The role of emotion in reasoning and self-evaluation”

13h00 Lunch

14h30 Klaus Scherer (University of Geneva) : “The sequential unfolding of appraisal driven synchronization of mental and somatic emotion components: Theory and evidence”

15h30 Alain Berthoz (Collège de France) : “L'expression corporelle des émotions : l'intégration de l'émotion et du comportement moteur”

16h30 Coffee break

16h45 Claudia Wassmann (IHPST) : “Reflections on the “body loop” since James and Lange”

17h30 Christiane Frey (University of Chicago) : “From Passions to Moods: Towards a Cultural History of Emotions”

18h15 Closing Discussion

18h30 Reception

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