Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Interview with Daniel Dennett

Daniel C. Dennett is Austin B. Fletcher Professor of Philosophy at the University of Tufts and Director of the Center for Cognitive Studies.
He is an american philosopher well-known for his work in Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Mind. He received the Jean Nicod Prize in 2001 (Published lecture: Sweet Dreams).
Here you can find a interview with D. Dennett (video).

Daniel Dennett (1942- ) est professeur de Philosophie à l'Université de Tufts et directeur du Center for Cognitive Studies. Élève de Quine, spécialiste de philosophie des sciences et de philosophie de l'esprit, il est connu pour sa défense de l'évolutionnisme (adaptionnisme, proche de la position de Richard Dawkins).
Il reçut le prix Jean Nicod en 2001.
Vous trouverez ici un entretien filmé avec D. Dennett.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this interview, but could you tell us who the interviewer was?

Mikolka said...

I am glad the interview you enjoy the interview!

The interviewer is Robert Wright. He is an American journalist.

He writes about various subjects: from evolution to game theory. But his main subject is science.

He is the one who launched Blogginghead (you should have a look a the webpage of Blogginghead).

This interview is a part of the "Meaning of life" series. You might be interested by the other scholars interviewed by Wright in this series. Here is the link:

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