Sunday, 14 September 2008

Wittgenstein on the Web

There are a lot of webpages about Wittgenstein. Here you can find some links.

Wittgenstein's Texts

Big Typescript (German)

The Blue Book

Lecture on Ethics

Lectures on Philosophy

On Certainty

Papers of W held at Trinity College

Philosophische Untersuchungen

The Science of Logic (1913): reviewed by W.

W. notes ont Logic

Some Remarks on Logical Form

Tagebücher 1914-16 (Notebook in German)

Tractatus (German)

Tractatus (Ogden)

Organizations about Wittgenstein

British Wittgenstein Society

The Cambridge Wittgenstein Archive

Internationale Ludwig Wittgenstein Gesellchaft

The North American Wittgenstein Society

Nordic Network for Wittgenstein Research

University of Pittsburgh: Wittgenstein club (group of students reading Wittgenstein's works: notes and mp3 audio)

The Wittgenstein Archives (Un. of Bergen)

The Wittgenstein Network

The Wittgenstein Resarch Group

Blogs about Wittgenstein

Anderson Brown's Philosophy Blog


Language Games

Making sense of Wittgenstein

Meaning is Use

Methods of Projection

Philosophische Bermekungen

Tractatus Blogico-Philosophicus

Wittgenstein Light: Real Refreshment

Papers about Wittgenstein (scholars with papers online)

G E M Anscombe

Stewart Candlish

Peter Carruthers

James Conant

David Finkelstein

P M S Hacker

Edward Harcourt

Lars Hertzberg

Jim Hopkins

John Hyman

Colin Johnson

James Klagge

Michael Kremer

Paul Livingston

Methods of Projection (column of the right, middle of the page: full of papers in PDF)

Adrian Moore

Duncan Pritchard

Rupert Read

Peter Sullivan

Crispin Wright


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