Monday, 22 September 2008

Pufendorf's Lectures

All the links to the Pufendorf's lecture previously posted (Récanati, Churchland, Searle, Pettit, Armstrong).

François Recanati's Pufendorf lectures (2008):

1) Contextualism and compositionality.

2) Circumstance-relativity: what it is and why it matters.

3) The implicit self.

4) The (Generalized) Reflexive Constraint.

Patricia Smith Churchland's Pufendorf lectures (2007):

1) What is Neurophilosophy?

2) A Perspective on Self, Agency and Free Will

3) 'Inference' to the Best Decision

4) Brain-based Values

John Searle's Pufendorf lectures

1) Consciouness

2) What is language?

3) The logical structure of society

4) Rationality and society

Philip Pettit's Pufendorf lecture: DEMOCRACY IN THREE DIMENSIONS (2005):

1) The Rule of the Populace

2) The Rule of the People

3) The Rule of the Public

4) Integrating the Dimensions.

D. Armstrong's Pufendorf lectures

1) The Scope and Limits of human Knowledge

2) In Defence of the cognitivist Theory of Perception

3) Four Dispute about Properties

4) Predication and Necessity

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